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By learning and using the information on this site you'll know more than 99% of the car audio consumers that are shopping for a car stereo. This information focuses on providing the knowledge that you'll need in order save money and get greater satisfaction from your car audio system.

There are many tips and hints on every page that will give you information that can save you money and improve your understanding of often misunderstood topics. I've arranged the site in an order that will give you the most benefit. I've started with the background topics first, then moved onto equipment before finally giving you the information you'll need to plan your system and shop smart. If you skip around you may not understand a topic that was covered in greater detail on a previous page.

As you read through this site you may wonder why I am revealing all of these insider secrets. Actually there are two reasons. First, I hate seeing people walk into a car audio shop and have their lack of knowledge taken advantage of by a salesman more interested in an immediate commission than a lifetime customer. Second, I have personally been ripped off by several shady shops and mail order houses in the past that could have been avoided if I had this information I am sharing now. This is my opportunity to try and save you from making the same mistakes I and countless others have made.

You may notice that my writing style isn't that of a typical professional writer. I've written this site as I would write to a friend. In fact much of the text is edited from audio recordings of my verbal explanations to others. I wanted this site to be informative and easy to read first, and well written second. I've dedicated the bulk of this site to letting you know how to design and build an incredible sounding car stereo on a small budget.

I'm personally very excited about this site. I truly feel it is the best site available for the consumer looking to understand, purchase and better enjoy a car stereo system. Specific companies, products, and information that are referenced are available by clicking the included links in the text. These sites will then open up in a new browser window.

Let's get started!

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