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I'm often amazed by the questions that people send in to the magazines. They'll print questions like:

"I have XYZ model subwoofer. What size box should I build?"

"How do I change the crossover frequencies on my ABC brand crossover?"

"What's the best subwoofer?"

The magazines are not the best place to get these answers. There is an extreme wealth of knowledge in the editorial staff of the car audio magazines but some questions are better asked to either manufacturers or in the car audio forums. Here's a few guidelines to help you ask the correct questions to the correct source.

Ask the Manufacturer

Questions that deal with specific equipment or equipment specific problems. Things like box size, adjustments, installation specifics. These are things to address to your dealer or the manufacturer. No one knows their equipment like they do.

Car Audio Forums

If you want opinions on equipment or need some troubleshooting advice then you should check out the various car audio forums. Keep in mind that not all of the opinions will be from "experts" and that some people have had bad experiences with certain brands. But like any survey, if you get enough responses you'll see a trend either for or against a particular piece. The number one question you shouldn't ask is "What's the best [insert car audio equipment here]?". Asking what the best subwoofer or amp or whatever is like asking what's the best car or what's the best food. It's all a matter of personal opinion and has more to do with what your goals are for your system. Try the following forums:

Car Audio Newsgroup or here


DIYMA (DIY Mobile Audio)

International Forums

Talk Audio - UK

Canadian Car Audio - Canada

Car Audio - Australia

Regardless of who you're asking for help always take the time to write your question clearly with proper punctuation and grammar. It will make it a lot easier for the person to understand your question and be able to answer you better. If you want a better answer ask a better question. If English isn't your first language then just do your best. Most people will understand and do their best to work with you. And it doesn't hurt to mention something specific that you like about the manufacturer/magazine/website when you start your letter off.

One last word about getting help. When someone helps you out, whether it be the manufacturer, a forum, a magazine or whatever remember to thank them. They're doing you a favor and an email or a post thanking them for the information will go a long way. They'll be much more likely to help you again and they may even have some other suggestions for you. Besides, it's the right thing to do.

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