Free Car Audio Repairs

To get repairs for free after the warranty expires you will need to first establish a rapport with the shop you are buying from. This is something you'll need to do prior to having problems. Being a good customer and being easy to deal with will make an out of warranty repair much more likely. You'll need to choose a shop that wants your business and that of your friends. Not all shops understand how important customer satisfaction is so make sure you are dealing with the right kind of management.

Deal with Reputable Shops

Reputable shops will have good relationships with the manufacturers and with their distributors. If the shop asks a manufacturer or a distributor to make good on an out of warranty claim then they probably will want to keep the shop happy. This will also depend on how long the piece has been out of warranty. If it's two months out of warranty then your chances will be greater than if it is two years out of warranty. Don't expect them to help you out with unreasonable claims. Use good judgment when asking for a free repair.

Be Nice

Most importantly, be nice. If you walk in and start raising a stink about the "no good" equipment they sold you then you can expect them to show you the door. But if you come in, explain what's wrong, and ask them if they can help you out then they'll be receptive to your suggestions. I know this might seem like common sense but you'd be surprised how many customers come in ready to do battle. If you come in with an offensive approach then the shop will automatically go into defensive mode. Be diplomatic and don't give up until you have exhausted all options. You might suggest the following:

  • Ask them to contact the distributor or the manufacturer and see if they will exchange or repair the unit for free.
  • Find out if the distributor, manufacturer or even the shop would be willing to sell the same or similar model at a substantially reduced cost.
  • Ask them to contact the distributor or the manufacturer and see if they have an exchange program for out of warranty equipment that is damaged. Sometimes this can be a way to get new equipment for a much lower fee.
  • Ask if the shop has an in-house technician who could look at the equipment. If the damage is minor then they might repair it for free.

If the shop helps you out don't forget to return the favor. Tell all your friends about how well they treated you and recommend that your friends consider them as well. Think of how many people you would tell if the shop did you wrong. Now tell those same people that they came through for you.

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